What is BootHawk?
 BootHawk | Analyse and report slow boot and logon for Windows PCs
BootHawk is new PC startup and user login performance analysis software. It provides a detailed breakdown of the PC startup and user logon process for Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows 7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit) PCs, providing valuable information on the precise time to complete each phase of the boot and user login process.

It can answer many difficult, but very common, questions regarding the precise time taken to complete all aspects of the PC boot and user logon process, including the following:
  • Power on to Ctrl-Alt-Del screen
  • Delivery of machine and user group polices
  • Machine startup scripts
  • AD based application deployment
  • Machine sat idle at the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen
  • Time taken to submit credentials
  • User profile load
  • Personal and AD logon scripts
  • Boot to 'desktop visible' less idle time
  • Desktop visible to CPU idle
BootHawk installs as an extremely lightweight service that runs silently in the background, analysing the PC boot and first user logon process, recording the analysis data into the machines WMI repository. It records nearly 70 different items of analysis data for each ‘boot and first user logon session’ that can be used to help diagnose PC boot and user logon performance issues in your organisation. This gathered and analysed data is then automatically uploaded into an SQL database where it can be visualised through a number of pre-configured reports or used as a data source for the creation of your own custom reports. The WMI data can also be easily configured to be automatically gathered and inventoried by your chosen systems management solution such as Microsoft SCCM or HP OVCM.

Whether you are experiencing slow boot and/or slow login now and want help to understand why, or you are about to upgrade to Windows 7/8/10 and want some help to get a detailed understanding of the performance of your current environment; install our fully functional MSI package and benchmark your performance now!
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