BootHawk | What our customers have said about BootHawk Global mobile telecommunications company (over 60,000 PCs)

"The XtraMile guys worked very closely with our support team to implement BootHawk in our environment and over the following months we used it to measure our boot and login performance.

We gathered a significant amount of data that was used to generate reports and quantify the size of the problem. This made it easy for us to focus our efforts on resolving the issues where we now knew that they were, rather than spending days and weeks pouring over log files for individual machines from various locations within the company. BootHawk proved to be an indispensable tool for measuring and monitoring the performance of our estate when all we had to go on before was unmeasurable complaints from our users.

By the end of the engagement we were able to show where the problems had been and prove that we had resolved them successfully. We were also able to show that our entire estate was now performing within acceptable parameters; a job well done!"

World renowned UK-based media company (over 25,000 PCs)

"We found the approach they adopted and the toolset extremely powerful, easy to use and they enabled us to pinpoint exactly where our problems were. .... This dramatically improved the productivity of the users, bringing their login times from up to 60 minutes down to a more respectable 3-5 minutes."
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